May 21, 2023 Dance and Talk event@ Toshima City Center, Tokyo


Returning to nature, harmonious coexistence and co-creation of human and nature.
The collaboration of dancers and musicians make out dynamic  and lyrical performance.

Part 1:  Dance & Music Performance

The two dancer’s bodies are threatened and sometimes melds with nature images in the back.Awe, grace, co-creation. The music enhances the  specific atmosphere.
Akiko’s dance style focuses on the body movements and forms stimulated by the space, while Makiko features a butoh-like physical expression from inner feelings and emotions.Sound artist Koji has an interest in physical expression, philosophy, and Buddhism and has presented many works of electronic music as well as experimental music. Toshiaki has worked not only as pianist but recently been working with dancers and environmental art.
Four  unique artists get together in this performance!

Part 2: Talk session

Talk session conducted by art critic Tetsuya Miyata, is followed by the performance.  This will be a sharing session with audience about art and  the SDGs theme  between humans and the natural environment,” 

We look forward to have a wide range of audience members who are interested in dance , music and  natural environmental issues.

Date: May 21, 2023 (Sun.) 
Open at 19:10
Start at 19:30 
@Toshima City Center  (Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo) 

Dance: Akiko Ono, Makiko Hata 
Music: Koji Kawai, Toshiaki Komori

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Phone : +81-050-5532-4659  

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