About Akiko Dance Project

Akiko Dance Project has produced dance performances by Japanese choreographer Akiko Ono and versatile artists.
Dance workshops are also available for children and adults including dancers.

Any movement can be a dance

Any movement can be a dance. (Words of American postmodern choreographer Merce Cunningham). It means that any  body movement could become dance.


Akiko Ono who is a choreographer and dancer has worked with artists in other fields such as videographers, musicians in her dance pieces.Her interest movements and physical expression appear in her choreography. Click here for past collaborations and works.

The flow of Qi energy in Dance

Akiko’s trained a lot of physical exercises such as ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, tai chi, bagua palm, and yoga. Among them, the concepts of Qi energy and Ying &Yang theory give a great influence on Akiko’s dance & choreography.


We provide creative dance workshops for elementary and junior high school students. For adults, we offer our contemporary dance workshops for both beginners and dancers. Click here for past workshops for children and adults

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