Akiko Ono, Dancer,Choreographer

Akiko is an international Japanese choreographer who has performed and made work in Tokyo, and London and artist director in Akiko Dance Project .

She trained at Laban Center Professional Dance Diploma Course in London.
Her interest in movements and physical expression drove her to pursue Laban movement theory and studied in Laban Institute in NYC. Akiko also received scholarship from Limon dance foundation and received Limon technique teaching certificate, and also worked with Mark Morris (as an understudy) and Risa Steinberg.
She worked with NY choreographers such as Kirsty Simson Keith Thompson (Trisha Brown Dance company) and developed her dance movement of “Qi” from Aikido and Taichi.
In 2005, she studied dance choreography and films in the NY State University of Brockport with MA (Master of Art) in Dance.
In 2009, Her dance film ” Cell Phone Dance” was nominated at Dance film Festival in Buenos Aires and was archive in New York Performing Arts Library.
In 2013 she worked with British dancers for ” Okuni “(Kabuki dancer) performed at Cockpit Theatre. “Okuni” was also performed atThe Place and Other Theater in Briton, funding by Great Britain SASAGAWA Foundation in 2014.
In 2019, she performed at ” Exhibition of four sculptures” sponsored by Nakagawa Special Steel INC.

Her digital dance “Silver Feet”‘(2021) has been streamed at Edinburgh Fringe online.Her another digital dance”Solos in spaces” has been streamed at online of C venues and both of dance has reviewed as highly recommended pieces.
In 2022 she had worked her dance & sculpture project at The sculpture park Surrey. This dance& sculpture project was funded by Great Britain Sasagawa Foundation.
In 2023 she had worked with contemporary musicians and a dancer in ” Nature Six” which has performed in Tokyo.In Nature Six four individual artists (musicians and a dancer)has shared and collaborated at the theme of nature and natural environmental problem.
The four artists has expressed their each unique talents. Among the reviews Akiko’s skillful & fluid movement and dancing with piano had good reputation.

While She performs and choreographs dances, she works dance workshop for children in Primary School and adults.