Dance performance at Exhibition of sculptures 2019

Dancer: Akiko Ono
Shouya Tatehata Hiroshi, Kinoshita, Nobutugu,Sakai
Yosito Yosimoto

Sponsored by Nakagawa Special Steel INC. 2019

Okuni(kabuki dancer)

“the dance is virtuoso…The dance and movement is strong enough on its own to carry the performance…”  Local Theatre

“…a brave and creative idea that involved the fusion of contemporary dance with traditional Japanese theatre. ” A Young Theatre

”  the movement material is  lovely to watch…”  London

“The best part of the performance had to be the video interlude, mocumenting a crew of kimono clad ladies dancing on the streets.” Alice Robotham

Okuni- Kabuki dancer- 2014

Choreographed& Directed by Akiko Ono

 Script : Noriko Yokoi

 Dancer : Chi-Limi Nin
Tomomi Kosano
Ignacio Jarqin
Akiko Ono

Video : Mayuko Katagiri  

To be crystal 2014

Choreography: Akiko Ono
Dancers : Laban Centre alumni

Dance in sculptures “Bite and Bleed”

Sculptor : Wendy Macmillan

Dancer : Akiko Ono

photo by Elaine Sutton 2014

-Water-      2011

Video artist Haruo

Dance : Akiko Ono

Dark Lady “Beauty should look so”  2010

Choreographed & Directed Akiko Ono

Dancer:  HayatoYamaguchi
Toshihiko Nakasawa
Hisae Toyama
Tatsuya Senuma  
Mari Tsukasa

Music :  Neo Classical Ascendant 

Circling rhythm2009

Choreograph Akiko Ono

Dancer: Akiko Ono
 Eri Harada

Guitar :
Fumito Hasegawa 

The day of lament 2006

Dancer:Aki Sawada
Noriko Nakajima
Mami Fujisawa

Talk : Taro Maruyama

Choreography& Video: Akiko Ono

Music: Requiem by Mozart

Cell phone dance.  2006

Dancer : Maho Ogawa
Akiko Ono

Choreograph : Akiko Ono